10 Things No One Will Tell You About Breastfeeding

May 26, 2016 at 11:30 pm by Debapriya Bhatta  0

Being a parent is a daunting task in itself, and being a mother surely intensifies the panicked anticipations by tenfold. While you conjure possible itineraries to make sure your baby gets the best care, knowing everything about your changing body should feature on the top of that list.


You may have read every book on motherhood out there but there are few things that you only get to learn “on the job”. Being the best mother does entail knowing about every nook and cranny of pre and post-partum tendencies and changes, both physical and behavorial. Here are the top ten facts about nursing that you are unlikely to read about in pregnancy literature, and will probably enjoy during the course of learning by experience!

1. Bloody lactation

Officially called Rusty Pipe Syndrome, bleeding during lactation is caused by the clogging of your internal plumbing as your breasts grew too fast. It is not dangerous, even though it could appear initially frightening – and not in the least an uncommon occurrence, especially when it comes to first time moms. It could also happen if the nipple has undergone extreme stress, as a result of which it has been damaged or abraded. Bloody lactation usually clears up automatically in a few days, and without any extended medical attention. The recommdation in this case has tipped towards the favor of continuing breastfeeding/pumping until it stops, but in case it continues for a prolonged period of time coupled with pain in the tender area, please consult your physician for further assistance.

2. It would be the end of modesty

Your new baby won’t wait till you have suitably covered up to get his meals and you may find yourself with half your top down (or up) in front of complete strangers, co-workers, friends and family. However irksome may it sound at first, soon you will be so consumed in taking care of your little fella that your own personal inhibitions or preferences will be suiting themselves to the back-seat.

3. Babies can be loud drinkers

Even if you manage to acquire stylish and speedy cover ups that protect your modesty, your baby can still make you blush with her loud smacking during nursing. It should not matter though, as you are not the first woman to feel humiliated by your child’s antics. In a sympathetic nod to the motherly devotion that has utterly engulfed you now, find the strength to ignore random reactions from passersby as you focus all of it now on providing the kid the best environment to get nourished in.

4. It helps you get out of household chores

Since nursing really is a sit-down activity, it can help you get out of household chores and you can ask your partner to load up the dishwasher, wrap up the laundry or get some cleaning done while you are busy nursing the baby umpteen times a day. Enlist the services that your partner was probably reluctant to provide until now, by playing the stressed-out-mother-of-your-child card!

5. Nursing can bring you closer to other women

The breastfeeders’ club is a very exclusive one and women with experience love to share the details about their own nursing highs and lows. You might find your female bosses, cold hearted neighbors and bitchy rivals turn to putty and stop by to give you loads of advice on the dos and don’ts of breastfeeding. Who knew that breastfeeding could help you gain wisdom – and meaningful friendships? The miracles of human natures and affections are truly a mystery, albeit a fantastic one.

6. It can help you lose weight

Nursing is an amazing calorie burner and could even help you shrink to down to a lower size than you were pre-pregnancy. Now, this is a boon for those who desperately want to shed the pregnancy weight, but it is also advisable to eat and nourish yourself with healthy food and supplements, or else you wouldn’t be able to carry on the mothering and nursing properly – especially not without the required physicality for it.

7. Nipple confusion is ‘normal’

Not every new baby takes to the breast naturally and it may take your sometime before she or he feels comfortable with breastfeeding. The important point being – do not lose hope early, and let the baby adapt at his or her own developmental pace with the process.

8. You will miss your fuller girls

Ladies may think that only their husbands and boyfriends are the ones who got excited when their breasts got fuller during breastfeeding, but the fact remains that most women miss their bouncy, fuller girls after they stop breastfeeding and they return to normal size. You should not though – love and cherish your body just the way it is, it will probably set up a good example for your child as he/she grows up, about body image issues.

9. You will miss it when it’s over

As the baby grows into table food and formula, you will miss the special time you had together while nursing. Breastfeeding creates for those magical and surreal moments among the mother and the child, that only those who have taken a part in will understand. Take solace in the fact that you and your child will forever be bound in a way that was probably forged in one of those intimate moments.

10. Nursing can be a great stress buster

Thanks to the tonnes of prolactin and oxytocin produced in your bodies during breastfeeding, even the most stressful day would seem like a walk in the park as soon as you take your baby to the breast. Which clearly comes as a relief to new mothers, as being a parent really withers out a lot of energy and time, no matter how much you enjoy and love the duties that entail.

Therefore, you understand the joy and excitement that accompanies the miracle of a childbirth does come with its own sets of difficulties and advantages – though the miracle part outweighs both. The mantle of being a parent- and a responsible one at that -can be quite difficult at times, but the love that you carry in your heart for your baby acts as the fuel that drives you through it.

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