8 Top Childhood Accidents Needs to Be Avoided at All Cost

August 21, 2016 at 8:00 pm by Divyangna Singh  0

Home accidents account for 58% of all the accidental deaths in kids under the age of 5 years. where falls are responsible for nearly 40% of the accidents, burns are seen as an uncommon cause accounting for about 3% of the fatalities only.
40,000 under 5-year-old-s are admitted to the hospital every year due to several accidents. (Hospital Episode Statistics, 2008 to 2013). Accidental injury is one of the leading causes of acquired disability in children and also the main cause of death for kids aged between 1 to 4 years. (ONS, 2009-2012).
Short term effects of these accidents are surely severe but their long-term consequences of these accidents can be disastrous. A minor falling down accident can cause a head injury which can lead to loss of memory, problems in learning and even personality changes.


After all your efforts to ensure your baby’s safety, accidents take place. Accidents are a part of your baby’s developing motor skills and independence but sometimes become severe and scary for both parents and babies. While your baby is still young, you need to be of aware of the accidents that can happen from things around him such as fire, water, poison, etc. Here is a list of top childhood accidents to watch out for:



Whenever your child falls from a couch, crib, highchair, bed or during sports activities, the first thing that gets injured is his face and head. Young kids often fail to balance their body completely because of their fast growth and curved position of the spine. When they start to walk, they seem to run instead of taking steps. They are unaware of the consequences for their movements and may act spontaneously giving rise to unsafe conditions. Falls may cause him to become unconscious. Some kids find difficulty in breathing and are not responsive. So make sure to check your child thoroughly for any serious wounds such as broken bones or any internal injury. If your child feels comfortable and normal, it means the fall didn’t cause him any serious injury or else you need to take him to a doctor for a check-up.


Your child’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s. Hot drinks can scald children under the age of five. Some kids develop burns due to prolonged exposure to UV rays of the sun. Hot bath water with a lack of supervision proves fatal and severe scalding injuries among toddlers. Male children are at a greater risk of burns due to their risk-involving behaviors. Children can also develop burns when they approach a cooker, cigarettes, matches or electric devices. So keep all the hot objects away from your child.


Once your child is 4 or 5 years old, it’s time for him to pick up things around him, therefore you need to be aware of choking hazards. Such activities are common for young kids as they tend to explore their world by simply putting objects in their mouth. You may not have an idea of the dangers caused by nappy sacks. When you have stored a nappy sack in your bedroom, there are chances for your child to reach out for the sack and easily grasp it. He starts playing by covering his nose and mouth with the material which causes him to suffocate. Sometimes he may have choked by putting the sack in his mouth. Children can swallow small objects such as small toys, marbles, buttons, pins, and peanuts. So you need to supervise your kids whenever they are eating or drinking something.


It is common for babies and kids to reach out for things that catch their eye which includes ribbons, cords, and strings. You may be shocked to know that putting a tummy on a ribbon around your baby’s neck can cause strangulation. Some young children while playing with a cord or chain get tangled in the loops of the cord which is dangerous. Therefore you should keep looped objects and cords out of reach so that young kids don’t risk by playing with them. Kids at this age are too young to understand the difference between what is safe and what is dangerous; hence a guardian’s presence is what can save the kids from such an incident.


Young kids under the age of 4 years can easily get drowned in pools, tubs, and buckets which have less than 3 cm of water. Though you are present with your child, you may be distracted by talking on the phone or chatting with others and within a matter of seconds, your child may get drowned. So you should be alert in supervising your child around water and don’t assume that someone else is supervising your child.


Young children keen to explore the world, put everything they find, in their mouths. Common painkillers that lie around the house are in effortless reach of the kids. They are the most common cause of poisoning as thinking of them as “lollies”, kids can swallow them easily. Even detergents, perfumes, and colored syrup easily catch the attention of the kids and they are compelled to consume it. When purchasing medications and household chemicals, like garden products, etc. it is advisable to use childproof boxes and containers. It is better to take tablets and pills that come in blister packs and foil strips. Place child-resistant locks on cupboards containing chemicals or medications.


A leading cause of death among the kids these days are the Motor vehicular injuries. But these can be prevented by buckling the kids in the correct size and age appropriate seats with seat belts. this little precaution can reduce the risk of fatal injuries in infants by 71% and in toddlers by 54%.


Electric shocks especially the ones caused by hair dryers is on a rise. An electric shock can enter the baby at one part of the body and leave by another causing a damage of tissues on its way. Toddlers can experience these shocks while playing with electric devices or poking metal objects like forks into unprotected outlets or appliances. The best way to prevent such hazards is by covering all outlets properly and insulating all open wires and tucking wires away from the child’s reach.

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