5 Ways To Feed Your Baby Healthy

October 29, 2015 at 6:25 am by Anuradha Sarkar  0

Feeding your baby is a commitment which demands the maximum of your attention and commitment on a regular basis. On one hand, it involves qualitative aspects i.e. nutrition while on the other, it involves quantitative aspect too. You can face real challenge if your baby is a fussy eater, though every baby is more or less fussy and give their parents fare share of trouble  when it comes to feeding. So, here are 5 ways to ensure that your baby is being fed healthy.


Healthy feeding for the baby

Its a mix of science, knowledge and intuition,  little bit of all these things you need to get your baby eat healthy always.

  1. Breast-milk is the best for an infant

It is a cliche that mother’s milk is best for the infant. Apart from all the necessary energy and nutrition, the infant also benefits from a better immunity. When an infant is being breast-fed, it needs no other liquids, juices or even water for the fact breast milk forms a wholesome food. So, it is essential to feed the baby on regular intervals – say about 12 times a day. Initially, each feeding might take up to 20 minutes. As the baby grows older, the feeding time will reduce because the baby begins to suckle faster.

  1. Wean from breast milk to infant formula, semi-solids and supplements

There is no fixed formula for how the baby should be weaned from breast-milk. But this should start within 6 months as research shows and the doctors suggest. Start weaning by introducing the baby to infant-formula. Feed it semi-solids which it readily accepts. Let the foods be from your regular diet. At the same time, adding a few vitamin-D supplements based on doctor’s advice would be a good idea for the baby which is experiencing rapid growth.

  1. Introduce a variety right from the beginning

Once the baby has started eating semi-solids and some solids, you should start introducing variety of food items to the tiny tot. This will help the baby shift quickly to your standard diet. However, remember to introduce the variety one at a time. This will help you discover and pinpoint any particular food allergies and the likes. If the child does not seem to like any foodstuff which is healthy, do not give up. Repeat it. Studies have shown that a repeat of 6-10 times grows into a preference.

  1. Trust instincts and know when to seek help

What your baby eats will definitely have variations in terms of quantity and the time it feels hungry as the little one keeps growing. So do not be unduly worried about what the clock says. Go by your instinct and trust the baby’s ‘gut’ too! Eat what you wish the child to eat. If you are fussy about the food, so will your child probably be. Eat healthy and it will definitely lead to your baby eating healthy too. However, if you notice any problems in breast-feeding or your child eating, do not hesitate to consult the doctor.

  1. Healthy feeding is more than just food

Use the feeding time to bond better with your baby. Look at the little one in the eye and speak softly and lovingly. Even as the baby grows into a toddler, continue talking to it regularly during feeding.

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