News That Flooded Your Timeline in 2015 and Still Continuing: Breastfeeding

January 7, 2016 at 12:15 am by Abhilasha Dey  0

“A Female Lawmaker Defends Public Breastfeeding. Her Male Colleague Threatens To Grab Nipples.”

– A headline from Huffington Post


This was just the beginning of the long narrative regarding the breastfeeding rights in New Hampshire. Then there was the news of ISIS killing a woman for breastfeeding in public, Facebook photo of social activist Ashley Kaidel breastfeeding her son gone viral till the latest debate on using a cover while breastfeeding. Too many to accommodate in a single post.

PC :

Feeding  the baby had become a hot topic of discussion for some time now. And everyone has their say and views, starting from The New Hampshire lawmakers, who would argue that it is inappropriate sexual behaviour. Where as naturally the question arises, in what way is a mother fulfilling her baby’s need a sexual act ?  It’s an age old tradition that is followed not because of how it strengthens the bond between the mother and the baby but also because breastfeeding is healthy for the baby as well as the mother too.

There is something interesting in Ashley’s case. Quite a lot of those negative comments on her post were from women themselves. It is safe to conclude that it is not chauvinism acting up, it is about us- how we differentiate between natural instincts and sexuality and voice our opinion.

Its a matter of concern that countries have had to make strict laws protecting the rights of public-breastfeeding which should have been actually universally accepted and recognized naturally.

It’s about etiquette as well. We  have survived from the beginning of time by following this process and will do so till the end of time by observing the very same. It’s impolite to make a mother uncomfortable while she is fulfilling her child’s need.

Another issue that comes to light by the women themselves opposing this, is the deep seated wrong notion of modesty. Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience that needs to be cherished , not to be ashamed of.

An actress or model posting Instagram pictures of her breastfeeding her baby becomes work of art and preservation of beautiful moments, and the same thing done by a common mother in public stirs controversy. Again we need to think.

Most of all it is a personal choice that is being talked about. So, why don’t we let it be personal? Well, we can learn to accept the necessity and become little more considerate. Its just about being courteous, isn’t it?

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience to be cherished, nothing should affect this fact.



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