15 First Birthday Creative Party Theme Ideas for Baby Boys

October 22, 2016 at 11:27 pm by Joselyn Joseph  0

Those late night cries, trying to interpret his funny baby talk, playing peak-a-boo with him… It just feels like he came in to this world only yesterday. Your bundle of joy will soon turn one! It only seems right that he deserves a spectacular celebration on his first ever birthday. So here are some first birthday creative party theme ideas for baby boys.



1. ‘Behold, the King of the Jungle’ – A Wild Birthday


The jungle is a vibrant, spectacular biome filled with many wonders of Mother Nature. As you’ve guessed it right, this is an animal themed party. You can deck the halls with pictures of animals, birds and trees. Use green tinsel strings to create vines hanging about. Place stuffed animals toys here and there. Also, don’t you think it’d be awesome when you have the baby parade, your boy leading the pack as a lion? The remaining kids can wear masks or props to dress up as other animals.


2. ‘Land, Ahoy!’ – A Nautical Birthday


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This is one for the bounty hunters who dare sail the wretched seas, Arrr! Call out all those who thirst for adventure and loot. Decorate the place with coffee-stained old parchment treasure maps, where X marks the spot. If you can find bottles ships and compasses, it’d bring up the vibe much better. Have a little treasure hunt game for the kids and the treasure chest can be filled with candies such as gold and silver chocolate coins and ruby jellies. Let the other kids address your tiny tot Aye, captain!, whenever he wants to play with them. The kids can wear eye-patches, scarves and hats. Paint on little moustaches to every participant’s face.

3. ‘Yes, Boss!’ – A Corporate Birthday


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This is inspired by the upcoming DreamWorks movie, ‘The Boss Baby’. Picture this, your boy is turning 1 soon and he’s already on top of the corporate world. Let him be the CEO of your household or create a funky company name. Create name tags for everyone with ‘I work for Mr. Xyz, CEO’ title on it. You can place ‘My boss is the best!’ mugs around the office. Hang up portraits of him in typical executive power poses, dressed sharp and carry his favourite toys in a little briefcase. Now, who wouldn’t want to work for an adorable lil’ boss?


4. ‘Mi’ Lord’ – An Extravagant Birthday


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Your bundle of joy deserves to be treated no less than a king. Create a crown, a spectre and a lovely cape for his majesty. Turn a little chair into a majestic throne for him. Deck up the place only fit for a king. The guests can take up swords and pledge their loyalty to his highness. Let him watch over the games the soldiers play from his high stand. Give the place a touch of elegance and grandeur which will win over your guests and sweep them off their feet.


5. ‘Wanderlust’ – An adventurous birthday


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If your baby boy loves spending time outdoors travelling, this one’s for him. Hang up a big world map and let everyone mark the places they want to travel to. You can dedicate corners to certain regions or countries and provide interesting facts about them. Party favours can be distributed in little tiny backpacks. Set up a photo booth containing props for each region. You can play this game: blindfold your guests and spin them around a few times and let them place their finger anywhere on the atlas. Have your guests learn a new greeting from each country they pick! This is a lovely way to explore about new countries.


6. ‘Feel the magic up close!’ – A magical birthday


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If your child is fascinated by magicians, why not have a magical evening for your boy? Create tiny wand and a magician’s cape and hat for him. Give your guests their wands as well as a magic hat. Let the party place be decorated with magical incantation and brooms and a book of spells. Decorate corners with a sprinkle of fairy dust and let fantasy creatures become alive! You put up magical figurines of mythical creatures such a genie, a magic carpet, a cauldron, etc.


7. ‘Where colours come to life’ – A vibrant birthday


Let your child’s inner Picasso come alive! Who doesn’t like to paint? You can use the theme of art to bring colour to the party. Have a finger painting station where your guests and dip their digits in paints and let their imagination flow. Make sure that you can tidy up the place later very well. Place his photographs on easels and use art supplies for the hall decor. A face painting station for the guest kids would be wonderful. The more the place gets colourful, the better it gets.


8. ‘A Starry night’ – An Astronomical Birthday


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Take your child on an adventure to a planet which is millions of light years away on a spaceship. Let everyone be mesmerised by the astrological marvels in our galaxy and the universe. Use telescopes, compass, star gazing guides as props. Let the cake look as amazing as the beautiful sky that enchants us every night. Use planets and stars to decorate the room.


9. ‘The name’s Bond, James Bond’ – A Special Agent’s Birthday


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Let your kid be the quite famous spy Mr. James Bond or Agent Cody Banks. Create high tech gadgets made out of innocuous commodities. Let there be mission statements and a code name for every event or game that day. Dress your boy in a dapper suit for the pictures with a toy gun and a classic watch. Address the crowd as if you were debriefing the crowd about a mission. Maybe the guests can address each other by secret code names.

10. ‘Bon appétit, Monsieur’ – A Delicious Birthday


Who doesn’t love good delectable treats? Let your boy be the Master Chef of the kitchen. As his for him birthday crown, he a can adorn a little chef’s hat and a tiny whisk as his spectre. Use fake food and utensils as props for the place. Create a table where you can showcase his growth and his photographs in photo frames adorned by tiny pizzas, donuts, pastas, etc.

11. ‘Step Right Up & Join the Fun’ – A Dazzling Birthday


Carnival’s where the fun happens. You have games and rides and yummy, delicious street food. Play classic games such as ring toss or balloon darts and many more. Treat your guests to favourites such as cotton candy and ice pops. Crown your boy as the king of the carnival and have a parade with all you guests in their party mood. Paint everyone’s face with bright carnival colours and dance the night away! Place props such as Merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, tents and shacks with bright lights and carnival music playing over to enchant your guests.

12. ‘Let’s Find Nemo’ – A Slippery Wet Birthday


We live on a planet that’s 71% water yet we call it ‘earth’. Let your guests enjoy the beautiful marvels of the seas and the oceans. Decorate the place with creatures such as fishes, seals, dolphins, sea horses, etc. Use maps, compasses, ships, boats as props to give that vibe. Let the photo booth have a backdrop of the marine life. You can get customised cakes and muffins which can be decorated as the coral reefs. Let the kids choose themselves a species from the marine life and get to learn more about our precious oceans and the beauty of its wildlife.


13. ‘Choo! Choo!’ – A Smoky Birthday


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The sound of the steam engine chugging away and hooting its steam horn takes us down the nostalgia lane. Unfortunately, there aren’t many steam trains as they used to be. Use model trains and tacks to decorate the place. Let the photo booth be set against a rail ticketing counter. Let you boy wear the engine driver’s hat. When you play the Congo line, hoot like an engine to simulate a train. Hand over rail tickets to your guests when they enter the hall as memorabilia.


14. ‘Where Dreams Come Alive’ – A Cartoony Birthday


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When you think of a Disney theme for birthday parties, you shrug it off saying that this is meant for girls who like to be princesses. There are so many Disney and Pixar movies with male protagonists without any princesses in them. Use movies such as Big Hero 6, Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc., as your inspiration. Use these movies to create props and fill the air with wonders of imagination and creativity.


15. ‘And, that’s a SIX!’ – A Champion’s Birthday


If your child is fascinated by a particular sport say, football, cricket or tennis. Use that a theme for the party. Set up sports equipments and goods for props to decorate the place and the photo booth. You can set the sweets table decorated with edible trophies, mini stadiums and place a collage of pictures where your boy is dressed up in many sport’s uniforms with the respective equipment. Who knows maybe your lil’ champ would be the next Sachin, Messi or Paes?

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