List Of 50 Baby Products To Be Launched In 2016

January 19, 2016 at 9:02 pm by Abhilasha Dey  0

New year means ‘NEW’ everything! be it tech or trend. But why should adults have all the fun?

Here’s a list of the hottest must-have baby products lined up in 2016.

Make your baby the coolest-tot on the block!


The ABC Kids expo, the largest baby gear expo, just wrapped up in Las Vegas, introducing us to the trendiest baby-products to look out for in 2016. Lets have a look at the most intriguing ones at first.

Baby Care

Let’s take a look at the daily-use products for your 0 to 3 year old, first.

1. The Austlen Etourage


P.C :

This is a clever stroller. Yes, we know parents – how difficult it is to pack up everything while planing an outing with your baby. Worry not! Super-stroller is on the market. This stroller can hold 100 pounds of stuff along with 5o pounds of kid in the combo. Or lets just say that this can hold two infant seats, two big-kid seats, a standing platform and lotsa other gear. Parent’s heaven, isn’t it? No worrying about those multiple shopping bags and the extra baby-gear.

find it at: Austlen

2. OutSmart Collection


P.C :

Safety 1st brings you the OutSmart collection. It’s hard keeping those cookie drawers closed, what with you kids being born Einstein and stuff. Safety 1st has the perfectest and might I say the most hilarious solution to your problem- big lock with a big button (which does nothing and is a decoy). The result is that your kid will press the button and nothing will happen. The actual lock is in the back and has to be pressed with both the hands. These safety lock’s are the mark of a genius. BTW, the coffee cup has nothing to do with the collection, it just goes to show that our source was hard at work and needed caffeine.  The market price has yet to be released.

3. Embe 2-Way Swaddle


P.C :

Swaddling is an art. Too tight and your babe won’t stop crying. Too loose and your babe won’t stop crying. That leaves us with finding the perfect kind of swaddle. Voila! embebabies has brought us the kind of swaddle that leaves the legs free. New indeed, the market has swaddles that leaves only the hands free. This on the other hand leaves those kicking legs free while keeping the hands wrapped up. This is meant for babies for 0-6 months.

find it at: embebabies

4. DockaTot Bassinet


P.C :

Yup, this strange looking thing is a baby-lounge or bassinet if you will. Sleek and easy to drag around the house, it lets the baby sleep in its comfy embrace. it takes up no room and comes in two sizes- Deluxe(0-6 months) and Grand(9 -36 months) . Another perk is that it comes in a variety of pretty fabrics.

Find it on: DockATot

5. CharliChair

P.C :

Bathing your baby without him slipping or hitting his head is a big task. Bathing your baby outside the bathroom is messy but most parents don’t venture into the bathroom for fear of the baby hurting himself. Fear no more, here is CharlieChair. It holds your baby securely while he is sitting and you can easily take him to the shower and wash your bundle-of-joy while using both your hands. No, worries about holding your baby up.

Find it at: primo

6. Phoenix Baby GoTo


P.C :

The GoTo is a high-chair and doubles up as a car seat. It’s as new as it gets. Its portable which is another plus point. You can take it anywhere- picnics, when you go to a friends house for a visit or to a day out in the zoo. It accommodates a kid up to 3 years and can be folded up easily.

Find it at: Phoenix

7. Hugaboo Nursing-pillow


P.C :

Most of the times nursing pillows slowly slide off, making it important to keep on adjusting them. So, hugaboo presents us these plushy nursing pillows that have  cushy leg-holes which prevents them from sliding off. They are really comfy and let both you and your baby relax during the intimate moments of breastfeeding.

Find it at: Hugaboo

8. Peg Perego Duette


P.C :

Peg Perego is an Italian brand which has introduced the Duette. Though not an entirely original idea, it is still interesting. This stroller allows your twins (or siblings of different ages) to face each-other or sit side by side. Nothing better than the feeling of looking at your sibling eye-to-eye (or not eye-to eye). Either way, its entertaining! You can even look up The Contours option as well.

Find it at : Target

9. Pop n’ sit


P.C :

Summer Infant Pop n’ Playard has been our longtime favourite. It now has younger siblings ie . a pop out booster chair and a pop out high chair. The chairs are portable and here are hopes that they would be easy on your wallet. Its easy to carry and is easy to put up. Prices yet to be declared.

10. Mysize Potty


P.C :

Looks like any regular adult-size toilet, but it is only half the size. In short it is made for your baby in baby size. The good thing? since it looks the same as an adult-size thing, it will make it easier for your child to get toilet trained. The flush also makes a convincing noise!!!!

Find it on : BuyBuyBaby

11. Moon Cocoon

NiNi & Pumpkin sleep sack

P.C: theeyesofaboy

Nini and Pumpkin have come up with this wonderful Moom Cocoon which is a sleep sack that grows with your tot. It zippers and is is made up of the softest material ever. When your tot outgrows it, the top portion zips off and it becomes a toddler size blanket. Isn’t it cool???

Find it at : niniandpumpkin

12. Explore & More Amazing Arch Activity Gym


P.C: theeyesofaboy

This is a playtime mat that will make your baby’s playtime an experience to be remembered. It has features like- a mirror, dancing animals, music, lights, a mobile-holder for mum to capture those playtime moments and so much more. It also looks attractive. Makes it to the best-seller list, What say? It will probably release sometime late in 2016.

Find it at: Skip Hop

13. Life Crib Collection

Life Crib Collection | Parenting bits

P.C: theeyesofaboy

This is for parents who are looking for a different experience for their baby. It’s a unique crib designed of wood. The spindles are interchangeable and come in 15 different shades. So, it’s a pretty much customized crib to suit your taste.

Find it at: micuna

14. Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillow | Parenting bits

P.C: theeyesofaboy

This is a on the go nursing pillow. It’s portable, easy to pack up and snaps-off easily from mom’s arm. It’s quite a convenient thing to rest your baby’s head on while you are travelling or are at work. It also gives your arm a rest from the constant need to hold up your baby’s head.

Find it at : Baby-BeeHeaven

15. Newton Mattress

Newton Mattress | Parenting bits

P.C pregnantchicken

Winner of the JPMA award in the nursery category, this breathable mattress is a must have for your kid. The idea is that your kid can breathe through the mattress(even if he is lying facedown on it). That is if he is lying directly on the mattress. The more covers you put on it, the less breathable it becomes. The cover slips off and is washable. Interesting thing no? Would be far useful if it came in adult size versions, for those drunken new-year nights!!!

Find it on: NEWTON

16. Tot 2 Walk

Tot 2 Walk | Parenting bits

P.C : pregnantchicken

This is a walking aid that helps your child by going along with his natural grasping reflexes. They control their own balance, stability and speed so they ‘get it’ at their own pace. It’s actually a brilliant idea and we wonder why there are no other such walking-aids, others are all about supporting the kid back not going with them.

Find it at: tot2walk

17. Doodle Pop


Michelle and Nicki have come up with Doodle pop- a one piece soft silicone pacifier that pops back into itself when it’s released. This means that it stays clean and mostly germ free, which in turn means that you dont have to worry about washing the thing every-time it drops down or something. It also reduces the risk of nipple confusion. They will be around 10$ each and have good chances of being available by spring.

Find it at: doodleandsons

18. Summer Infant Kiddopotamus Jumpin’ Jive Jungle


P.C pregnantchicken

Summer Infant is on a roll this year…woohoo! It’s coming up with a portable play-centre to leave your baby at when you require a few winks or a few shots of vodka. It is safe and it keeps your kid  entertained and hence from crying. It should be coming out by May or June in 2016.

Get it at : summerinfant

19. GB Pockit Stroller


Talk about innovation…These people have come up with a stroller that folds down so that it can fit under the seat in your flight.It folds down to be 12”x14”x7” which is indeed small, really small!!! It might be out in spring 2016 at around $200 or so.

Find it at: GB

20. Toddler Lounge



P.C :

These are the cutest baby lounges around town. The perfect place for your baby to rest. Also, They can also be used to carry your baby on your back, leaving your hands free for work and your baby comfy.

Find it at :lulyboo

Mummy Care 

That was for your new-born!

But mummy needs some care as well. After all, it’s she who is caring all day for the baby. Lets take a look at what the ABC Expo has for mummy!!

21. Breastfeeding app

P.C: theeyesofaboy

Breastfeeding is a magical experience and when you can hear your baby gulping it becomes more so. Mom sense has come up with this unique baby feeding meter which measures how much your baby is feeding with the help of a  head-set with a sensor that is placed on your baby’s cheek area. This headphone can be otherwise used normally. You can even create a feeding diary with baby nursing reports, weight and photos.

Get it at : momsense

22. Tend Her

TendHer Reuasble Gel Packs – Just one of the products in a sneak peek of the best baby and pregnancy products for 2016. From padsicles to pockit strollers – some of this gear will blow your mind.

These pillows are a breast-feeder’s paradise. Pariday knows just how painful breastfeeding can be with sore breast, cracked nipples and what not. They have both warm and cold pillows and the beast part is that they last so much longer than those gel pas in the market. They come with pillow-cases but than be used without them. They can even be used for  headache (placed over eyes or on forehead), and as a cold-pack for an injury!!!! versatile!!!

Get them at: Pariday

23. Brezza 4-In -1 Baby Bottle Washer


P.C : pregnantchicken

This is a baby dishwasher that will wash all those baby utensils that will fit into it. It uses regular soap so use whatever you like.  It sure is the next step towards your kids sanitation seeing to their delicate digestion. It will probably in the range of $250 or something.

Find it at : babybrezza

24. Cell Phone Tether

Skip Hop Cell Phone Tether

P.C: theeyesofaboy

If you haven’t experienced a broken cell phone at your baby’s hand then you obviously have not been spending enough time with the darling. Parents! I present to you the need of the century: a product that ties your mobile too a stationary object and thus prevents it from being broken by your kid!!!! TADAAAA! A real saviour , ain’t it?

Find it at : skiphop

25. Monkey Mat

Monkey Mat


It’s really a chore to drag around a bed-sheet(god knows you have to turn the house upside down to spare one of your linens…and then the wash!) or old-news papers just so your kids can have a clean place to sit on.  Here comes monkey mat! which is a versatile, portable, clean surface without added bulk and also lightweight so that you can carry it easily to the foot-ball field, beach or garden!

26. Diaper Bags


P.C :

This is a saviour for moms all over the world. Baby K’ Tan brings super-spacious diaper bags with built in wet-bags. They come in all kinds of fun patterns also (wink! wink!)

Buy it on: baby K’Tan

27. Nexus Carrier



Now you can be sexy as hell while carrying your kid! Wahooo! Mammas, this is a cross between a structured baby-carrier and a wrap.(it’s the one in the middle of the photo) Also, it’s comfy as hell!

Buy it at: jjCole

28. Motorola Baby Monitor


The new baby-monitors allow us to connect through WiFi and view our little darlings on our smart-phones or tablets. This also makes two way communication possible so you can converse with your child. You can find it on any site once it is in market.

29. Lully


Trust us parents, we know all about night-terrors! The result is kids creeping up in your beds resulting in you being in sleep-deprived-zombie-mode the next day. It is basically a vibrating pillow which slips under your kid’s mattress and syncs with an app on your phone. It asks you a few questions and figures out the child’s sleep pattern according to it , lulling him to sleep as required. The company was founded by a Father/Physician and an Engineer from Stanford University who spent years researching children’s sleep, so the research around it is  reliable enough.

Buy it at : Amazon

30. Hatch


The baby-scientists have come up with Hatch, this small changing pad which enables the parents to track the baby’s growth, feedings, diapers, and sleep on their smartphones. It is operator friendly and I’d say a whole lot of convenient in our lifestyle now where we are solely dependent on gadgets and internet. It will be available by December, 2016.

Buy it at: Hatch

31. Owlet


Owlet has come up with this awesome baby monitor which is like a sock and slips on easily on your baby’s feet. It uses pulse oximetry (the same thing that hospitals use) to measure the baby’s oxygen level and heart rate. It has won the parents pick award and is damn impressive and reliable too. No more false alarms parents!

Find it at : Amazon

32. Cloud b Stay asleep buddies



These adorable softies are the perfect sleep trainer for your kids. They have a light on their back or belly turns green to let them know that it’s time to get up. Smooth aren’t they? plus less trouble for you mama and daddy!

33. Bridge the Bump Coat Extender



This is for pregnant ladies and baby-wearing mama’s. It just zips right over your coat. Not to mention, it is for those places where it is really cold, as in your nose is so past frozen that you can’t feel it kinda cold.

Find it at : Bridge The Bump

34. Twin Go Baby Carrier


PC: TwinGo

This is a dream come true for all the mom’s of twins. You can carry both the kids together or you can split it so that each mom and dad have one to carry. It’s such a boon that I am wondering if the idea came from the parents of twins themselves. Makes lots of work easier.

Find it at:  twinGO

35. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Seat


PC: Fisher-Price

We all now mothers, how difficult it is to bounce and sway the baby all the time to sooth him/her. And your arms? well they beg for a long holiday at the end of the day. So, here we have a bouncer-cum-rocker which seems like the invention of the century. It has the options of bouncing the baby or swaying it side to side or all at once! It will be available in January. Find it at Fisher-Price’s site.

36. Fever Frida Thermometer


PC: Frida baby

This high-tech thermometer  is for those sick days. It is not possible or even in the baby’s best interest to wake up him up everytime that the temperature is to be recorded. The FeverFrida has a bluetooth transmitter and a patch which is placed under the arm which sends the temperature recorded to your smartphone every four seconds. If the temp ever goes above a predetermined number, an alarm will sound.

Find it at: fridababy

37. Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier


PC: Mountain Buggy

Talk about innovation…a front-facing, chest-carry, hip-carry and side-carry pouch! you can even touch the baby while you are still wearing it. It also has magnetically connected sternum straps that makes it easier to put on. What more, it comes in colours that can be used by both the parents.

Find it at : mountainbuggy

38. BabySTAT First-aid Kit


It has been created by ER doctors who are also full-time mom’s! That lets you know how trust worthy this product is. This is the perfect gift to a first time mom. There are so many things that scares a parent and they spend half their time running to the pediatrician and back. So, this kit has the remedy for each of those little health complications -from eczema to the first bump on the head. The fun part is that the 68 items that it contains are divided into three categories- ouch, yucky and cranky! It also has red warning flags when you really need to go to the doc’s.

39. Pehr Designs Storage Baskets


PC: Pehr designs

All the om’s know that there can be never enough space to store all the things for your baby. What of when you are running late? you toss those scattered things in some corner and then have to spend an entire day looking for them. The solution is Pehar’s Noah’s Ark and Pom-pom line of bins. They are damn trendy and just too adorable. You can toss anything in these spacious bins and then find them easily.

Find them at : pehr

40. Mastard Drinking Caps


PC: Mastard

The French keep on proving their coolness! These are stretchable drinking caps which come with a straw , a nipple or a sprout that fits over your general drinking glasses or cups. They come in boxes and are easy to carry. The result is that you no longer have to worry about spilled and messy drinks while you are travelling or otherwise.

Find them at: mastard 

41. Bravado’s Nursing Bra

Bravado's Nursing BraPC:

Bravado is known for it’s perfect fit and it’s come up with the comfiest bra ever. Some of the major changes that happen during pregnancy is related to the the breasts. Those girls need extra care and here is this perfect bra-  body silk seamless yoga bra with detachable straps!

Find it at:  bravado

42. Garmin Babycam

Garmin-BabycamPC: Garmin

Driving with a baby in the car is a hectic job. You have to keep on looking over your shoulder and checking (don’t forget the crick in the neck from all the checking). Well, surprise, surprise here is the in-vehicle video baby-monitor that helps you keep an eye on your toddler without turning back as it displays your baby on your garmin navigation display. It also has night vision so you dont disturb your child by turning on the light everytime you wanna check up on him!

Find it at: Garmin

43. 4Moms Infant Car Seat

4Moms-Infant-Car-SeatPC: 4moms

This car seat automatically levels and tightens itself before every ride and a computer makes sure that nothing is loose or out of place. The dual LCD screens confirm when you are good to go. So, you don’t have to sturggle with all those straps and lathes. Makes life a little bit easier. Oh, it installs itself as well!

We have had smart everything and so we have a smart car-seat now!

Find it at: 4moms

Kid Zone!!!!!

Our kids just having left their baby days behind and just embracing their play-school days need something really special for their first real experiences that they will remember. Here in this section we have the latest kid’s accessories!!!

44. EZPZ Happy Mat


This will make you more happy rather than your kids. We have been there parents, kids on a table means a food-fight scene. So here we have these super -sticky mats who are really hard to more when they are set on the table. Plus, they also have built in bowl/plate.

Find it at: ezpez

45. Spinagain


This won in the Play/ Entertainment at the JPMA’s. Though not something high-tech, this definitely is entertaining to the kids(hell, it’s entertaining for me to watch those things spiral down!). Pretty affordable and the perfect thing to keep your kid occupied.

Find it at: spinagain

46. Bento Box

Bento-BoxPC :

Boon has brought to us these clever lunch boxes! No more worries mothers while packing the lunch for your kid. No more forgetting the cutlery! No more loosing the cutlery! No more extra space for the cutlery! These boxes will take care of them all. They will be in the market by spring. Should I buy one for myself too???

Find it at:  boon

47. Bixbee

Bixbee toddler backpacks


This a fun and funky line of backpack’s that every kid will be thrilled to have one. Look at all the adorable designs, I would have bought one had they space enough. The perfect thing to gift too for those numerous birthday’s of your kid’s playmates!

Find it at:  Bixbee

48. Miles From Tomorrowland Collection

Disney Miles from Tomorrowland cups plates from The First Years 2016


Kid’s love featured products and The First Years have brought just the line of products featuring Miles from the new Disney series. Yeah! I love my anime products too so I can understand the sentiments of your kids when they see this.

Find it at: thefirstyears

49. Babylit Emma Board Book

Babylit-Emma-Board-bookPC: popsugar

This is for parents like me (or more like the kind that I would become in the far future) ie. LITERATURE LOVERS who cannot wait to introduce their babies to the world of books and literature, to sit and discuss their favourite books etc. So, by dint of out our interest we just itch to read them the world famous classics that have so gracefully sat on our shelf and been well-thumbed-through. So, BabyLit brings us board books with stories based on our favourite classics with moral lessons . Nice idea right? The have stories on Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice, Don Quixote etc. The latest is Emma.

Find it at: babylit

50. Zoli Rev 2 Backpack

Zoli-Rev-2-backpackPC: popsugar

These trendy backpacks , inspired by the company founder’s kids , will be out by around March 2016. These are perfect for the elementary school goers and easily have space enough to pack in your kid’s art folder. God knows how hard it is to find a bag for a pre-schooler which has enough space to pack in all those folders and craft things!

So,these are 50 best products we picked for you to go get in 2016! These products might be the answer to some of your parenting troubles so do check them out.

Have the best year ahead with your kids! Happy shopping!!!



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