7 Ways to Protect Your Baby’s Skin in Cold Weather

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Kids are the light in their parent’s eyes, and once you become a parent, you will understand how the smallest things happening to your child might affect you in the biggest of ways. And along with the joy and accompanying the worry, come the responsibilities. A child’s skin is perhaps the most delicate surface you will ever lay your gaze upon, but if kept without proper care, the soft baby skin will gradually fall prone to dryness.


To keep it supple and moisturized is important albeit oft overlooked area of baby care. The skin of a newborn is sensitive, and will not react favorably to the changes of the environment. And when it comes to cold weather, you need to follow the steps that are listed below quite diligently to avoid putting your baby’s skin in a condition of jeopardy – as a result, you will see how much your child’s skin glows even in the dry weather!

1. Choose Clothes Sensibly

In the wintry weather, warm clothes form an imperative part of baby’s protection layer. Prefer breathable fabrics that are thin layered as bulky jackets restrict your child’s movement and allow less air to pass through the material.


Not using the advised cloth material may cause rashes on your baby’s soft skin – a situation that you are obviously trying to avoid. Act upon your parent smarts and choose light clothing for the baby, but in layers, as you prepare to go out in the crispy weather outside. It will create a better experience for the child as he or she experiences the joys of winter.

2.  Moisturizer for the Baby

Babies’ soft skin is prone to loss of moisture in cold weather conditions. At all times, you should ensure that you have a baby moisturizer lotion handy, to fight the claws of dryness off your baby’s supple skin, and replenish the moisture that gets lost.


Other than that, Jojoba oil is a great natural moisturizer and you can add a few drops of the same to the bathing tub of your baby every morning, as an added measure to ensure that your child’s skin captures the essential dose of moisture during bath-time.

3. Humidifier for the Room

As the cold creeps in more and more, the air in the rooms become drier and drier. Breathing in the dry air results in congestion and inflammation and as a result of which, the baby is susceptible to get uncomfortable at times. As the air in the room dries up, the skin starts to lose its moisture even more rapidly.


In order to overcome this situation, you should invest in a humidifier and run it for the time your baby sleeps in order to ensure a comfortable sleep. In addition to that, you will also notice that the skin of the baby retains its softness and tenderness as the dryness of the room becomes absorbed by the humidifier.

4. Protect from Strong Wind

In winter, sometimes strong windy conditions are a challenge and the baby needs to be protected against it. In case you are traveling during the conditions and face a strong windy weather, it is advisable that you keep the baby’s face covered with a light and breathable material. Strong winds result in redness of the facial skin and eventually the delicate baby skin will end up getting chapped.


As a precaution, you can apply baby oil or lotion or any moisturizer on the baby’s face before you proceed on an outdoor trip in the wintry conditions with a strong wind. This will help the baby to be safe and sound and your conscience will stay assured that the strong winds will not take away the softness of your baby’s skin.

5. Use a Soft Hat

As the natural insulation cover or fat layers are limited in the skin of a child, an uncovered head can lead to severe skin complications and unusual drying conditions. While venturing outdoors, you should remember that the baby’s head needs to be kept covered so that the skin does not get damaged in any way.


A soft cotton cap can do the trick you need and save the soft and tender skin of the baby from drying. If you wish, you can replace the cotton cap with a hand woven woolen hat in winters – as venturing outdoors without adequate protection can probably cause complications of severity that you would like your child to possibly avoid.

6. Be on the Lookout for Eczema

If your child shows any signs of eczema, make sure you slather the required ointments in enough quantities in addition to thoroughly moisturizing the skin after a bath. In the case of battling eczema head on, you should always know that best thing is the prevention of it in the front end to stop it from getting worse.


Eczema is a really uncomfortable disease for a child, and as a responsible parent, you should take every measure to deter a situation like that.

7. Get Expert Help if Situation Worsens

If your baby’s skin develops redness in addition to dryness, sensitivity, and irritability, a low dose of hydrocortisone cream (1%) could be administered to the affected area. The winter season is usually harsh on the baby’s skin- but if the problems persist, you should immediately contact your child’s pediatrician or a dermatologist for an effective solution. As the skin of your baby is super-delicate, it is advised that you do not take the matters in your own hand. An expert advice could be all you might need to save both that child’s and your plight.


For a baby, the wonders of nature are unfolded with every passing season and every passing year. As a parent, it is your duty to make sure that your child experiences the magical time of the winter season without any inhibitions or illness. No matter how harsh the weather might be, you need to ensure that the baby has enough precautions to enjoy the time devoid of any ailments. To do that, you need to follow these advised pointers to protect that precious skin of the baby against the bite of cold.

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